Always Nurse Celebration

Mar 12th, 2020 | Latest News

Twice a year, we host a celebration for our Always Nurses: nurses perceived as always responsive and communicating well, as indicated on patient surveys—our first event of 2020 was in February. We continue to put this event on for YOU: our dedicated nurses. We are proud to have you as a part of our healthcare team. Click here to view a full list of Always Nurses recognized last month.

We want to take some time to recognize two nurses who received top awards at the event:

Kayla Gass BSN, RN-BC (4 West)

Kayla Gass BSN, RN-BC (4 West)

Kayla graduated in 2013 from Texas A&M in Biomedical Engineering and worked for 2 years as a Biomedical Engineer before going back to Texas Tech and getting her second degree in Nursing, graduating in December 2016.

She came to work at UMC on 4West in January 2017 and became the GT/SCU Clinical Instructor in January. Her peers describe her as always reliable, always lends a helping hand, always amazing, always friendly, always a great leader, always a team player.

“Kayla is truly deserving of being named an Always Nurse. She is one of our greatest assets, a wonderful charge nurse, discharge nurse, magnet ambassador, and UBC secretary.” –Co-worker

She was Nurse of the Unit on 4 West in 2019.

Lynniece Hill BSN, RN (Outpatient Surgery)

Lynniece Hill BSN, RN (Outpatient Surgery)

 Lynniece has been at UMC for 12 years, spending 11 years in Cardiac Outpatient before transferring to Day Surgery. She currently serves on UBC and is a Falls Champion for Surgical Anesthesia Services. She has served on the Sedation Committee, PCQC, and has been a Mentor for new nurses. She was Mentor of the Year in 2018.

She has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years but obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing last August!

“It’s an honor to work alongside such a caring individual as Lynniece. She is always putting her patients’ and her peers’ needs above her own.”- Co-worker

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