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Jun 8th, 2020 | Latest News

UMC Health System Service is our Passion!

UMCP continues to make sure to achieve the best compliance standards.

“We are open – You are safe” embodies the efforts of UMC Health System. As we work to get back to business as “usual”, extra measures have been taken to ensure that patients and family members coming to our locations can be assured that proper protocols have been put in place to keep our employees and our patients safe. 

The Lubbock Safe! initiative offered by the City of Lubbock gives local businesses some additional guidelines to follow to minimize the concerns of their patrons. None of the businesses allowed to reopen by the State are required to follow these guidelines or participate in Lubbock Safe! Participation in this voluntary program is a visible way to spotlight businesses which have gone beyond the minimum state requirements to provide additional confidence and safety for customers and employees. 

Extra measures were taken to by all our clinics follow the guidelines to meet these standards. Our locations, along with other businesses who certified as Lubbock Safe!, display Lubbock Safe! decals on their business storefronts. 

While shelter in place was recommended during the last few months, many people took advantage of the Telemedicine options for patient care. Patients called their providers to get medical advice and Medicare patients even received annual physicals. Shauna Baughcum, Assistant Director, Compliance, UMC Health System stated, “There have been multiple challenges in billing for Telemedicine and COVID related services.  CMS continued to change the rules and requirements for billing and coding every few days. UMCP Billing Compliance Task Force has been an instrumental group in making sure to monitor payer websites, meet weekly and try to be informed as possible with all the changes from the payers.” 

A ‘Quick Reference’ guide was developed and emailed to UMCP managers on May 22nd. As Telemedicine continues to evolve and billing practices may change, the ‘Quick Reference’ guide located in One Drive is maintained to reflect the most accurate billing codes. 

UMC locations are open and are safe. Together, the employees of UMC Health System are determinated to continue to lead the way to serve our city and to gain the trust of all those we encounter.

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