Eleven Years of Partners in Education

Apr 16th, 2020 | Latest News

With the help of UMC EMS and YOU, UMC successfully delivered 115 food bags to Brown Elementary School before they let out for Spring Break.

Almost 97% of the students at Brown Elementary live in poverty, and many of the students don’t know where their next meal will come from if they aren’t at school. The donations ensure students have adequate nutrition over Spring Break, especially because it was extended due to COVID-19.

Eleven Years of Partners in Education

“UMC’s motto is ‘Service is Our Passion,’ and we think that extends beyond patient care,” said Kristi Ward, UMC Chief Legal Officer. “We’re a part of this community. It’s important for us to be able to reach out and help those in this community, and this is a way for our employees to give back and be a part of that community.” Kristi coordinates the Partner’s in Education program at UMC.

UMC sponsors Brown Elementary through the Partners in Education program. In the past eleven years, UMC employees have donated food, school supplies and clothing to students. 

Our next effort through this program will be the Brown Elementary staff dinner we put on each fall. If you would like to contribute to this event, please contact the UMC Legal department at 806.761.0995.

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