EMS Hall of Honor Recognizes UMC Heroes

Jul 13th, 2021 | Latest News, News

EMS Hall of Honor

Our EMS providers are courageous UMC heroes who sacrifice themselves to serve our community! That’s why when an EMS provider passes away, UMC shows them honor and recognition in the EMS Hall of Honor.

The Hall of Honor is located at the EMS Headquarters and is a way to recognize the hero and their family. When an EMS provider passes away, their badge with their badge number is given to the family, and an identical copy of the badge is placed in the hallway. The badge number is then retired in honor to those who wore the badge in selflessness.

The EMS Hall of Honor is a way to express our gratitude to our paramedics who sacrifice everything to keep us safe. It is also a way to recognize the great heroes who have passed on and their families, too.

UMC first responders play a vital role to our community and we can’t thank them enough for their service!

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