UMC Half Marathon

May 19th, 2020 | Latest News

As we began dealing with COVID-19, many of you so graciously and effortlessly took on completely new roles in new areas of the health system. You have accepted your new roles in ways we are so proud of!

Temperature-check stations are some of these new areas that were in need of employees. So, when other areas closed, many employees happily took over this area. Another role that arose with our temperature-check stations was the role of “rover.” These employees make sure each person working the stations has functioning equipment and are able to take proper breaks, including meal breaks. 

These rovers do much walking around the hospital in a shift, and as a result, we started the UMC COVID Half Marathon for them! If any rover walks 13.1 miles, a half marathon, during a 12-hour shift, they are awarded with a 13.1 sticker, just like half marathon participants. It’s just one of the many ways employees are able to find joy and have fun in these tough times!

Employees who have completed the UMC COVID Half Marathon so far include:

  • Brittany Beattie
  • Abbye Dixon
  • Steven Rios
  • Zeke Nino
  • Laurent Williams
  • Jamye Lewis

We are sure many others are completing the half marathon as this is being published. Thank you for your great attitudes through all that is thrown at you daily!

Half Marathon
Half Marathon
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