2023 Annual Report

Deanna & Paul McKinney

Deanna McKinney, a nurse of many years, found herself in need of treatment for a rare cancer. She shares her experience of the caring culture at UMC Cancer Center, where she and her husband received treatment together, hand in hand.

Stephen Stewart, MD

Dr. Stephen Stewart, a former provider at UMC’s Emergency Center, miraculously survived a heart attack thanks to the skillful care he received at UMC. UMC’s caregivers go above and beyond because, at UMC, Our Passion is You.

AJ Hounshell

AJ Hounshell battled leukemia, a form of cancer, with the help of UMC’s pediatric oncologist, Dr. Erin Barr, and the dedicated caregivers at UMC’s Cancer Center. After three and a half years of treatments, AJ is preparing to ring the bell to declare he’s cancer-free, a testament to the world-class expertise and dedication of UMC’s specialists.

Sharon & Walter Wright

Sharon and Walter Wright shared a deep passion for music, education, and God. Walter battled stage 3 colon cancer for ten years, enduring countless treatments and dialysis, but always remained a dedicated teacher to his cherished students. In his final weeks, Walter was cared for at UMC, where his loving family and former students gathered, bringing both laughter and tears.

Kolbie Ramos

Kolbie Ramos is a walking miracle, defying all odds after a severe traumatic brain injury that resulted in the loss of around 30% of her brain. Her loving father, Michael, and UMC, have been by her side, working with her daily, as she continues to heal. At UMC, we’re #KolbieStrong, rising against even the steepest odds to ensure the best health outcomes for their patients because Our Passion is You.

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