2021 Annual Report


2021 Annual Report

Matt Dawson

Snow, ice, and wind defined the morning of January 11, 2020, as Matt Dawson went into work at the Lubbock Fire Department. Shortly after, he was called out to work a car accident. While working the accident that rocked Lubbock’s First Responder Family, claiming the life of Lubbock Police Officer Nicholas Reyna and Lubbock Firefighter Eric Hill, Matt was struck by a vehicle and rushed to UMC’s Level 1 Trauma Center in critical condition. Although he does not remember his stay, Matt proved to be a real fighter! Paired with UMC’s trauma care team, he recovered well and was ready for his rehab care.

Katie Noble

At just 37 years of age, Katie found a lump during her routine self-breast exam. Soon after, her primary care provider referred her to the UMC Breast Imaging Center. Katie had a mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy. Then the confirmation…Katie had breast cancer. Throughout her treatment, her saving grace was the UMC Adult Oncology Symptom Management Clinic. February 15, 2021, was a good day: Katie’s last day of chemotherapy. Moving forward, Katie has more treatment, but more fight to give, relying on the support of her amazing care team at the UMC Cancer Center. 

Rick Rodriguez

Just a few days after testing positive for COVID-19, Rick Rodriguez’s symptoms began to manifest at an alarming rate. Acknowledging to himself that this disease was taking control, he was confronted with a decision…to give up or truly fight for his life. It was a glorious day when Rick bid his ICU heroes goodbye, moved to a regular patient room, and reunited with his wife! Thinking back on the fight for his life, Rick believes fully in UMC’s mantra, Service is our Passion. His nurses lived it and he saw it firsthand.

Ethan Schuetz

Ethan is a fun-loving, active 6-year-old boy. One thing that makes him even more special to his mom and dad is that he is on the autism spectrum. Because he has autism, any interaction with a care provider creates more stress for Ethan than for most kids his age. All of that changed with UMC provider, Justin Hafner, FNP-C, and the Schuetz family couldn't be more grateful. That's why they trust UMC.

Lillie Stone

On Christmas night 2020, Lillie began running a fever. Her mom, Stephanie, and dad, Joey, tested positive for COVID-19 two days later. They knew Lillie must have gotten it, too. They received a shock on December 29 when Lillie had a seizure. UMC EMS transported sweet Lillie to the UMC Children’s Emergency Center where she received a confirmed diagnosis of meningitis. Although the extent of recovery was unknown, Lillie gradually healed and has since returned to her sweet, wonderful self! The whole family is grateful for UMC Children's Hospital.

Nancy Leal

Early October, Michael Leal started to feel under the weather. Within a few days, he began running fever and decided to get tested for COVID-19. Michael tested positive. Like so many COVID-19 patients, Michael ended up on a ventilator for extra support, fighting for his life. After several difficult days his lungs became less compliant, his condition worsened, and he went into cardiac arrest. Michael passed away with his wife, Nancy, at his side. The Medical ICU team heroically cared for Michael, just as they have for all those who’ve depended on their skilled hands and compassionate hearts, through the pandemic.

Cheryl Stephens

Caleb Stephens of Colorado was part of a film crew that came to West Texas to film. While working, he was hit by a car, sustained life-threatening injuries, and was rushed to UMC’s Level 1 Trauma Center. Eventually, Caleb endured seven surgeries, defying the odds from multiple injuries. For twenty-one days, Caleb’s health depended on the great care he received in UMC's Trauma Surgical ICU. For Cheryl and her son Caleb, both far away from home, UMC became far more than a hospital. Today, evidence of Caleb’s accident remains, but he is healed and back home. In the words of a very grateful mom, “All praise to Almighty God for giving our family the wonderful gift of University Medical Center."

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