Kasey’s Story

Kasey Hampton’s mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995; she fought her hardest for 21 years. Because of her family history, Kasey was curious about her risk for breast cancer. She spoke to her gynecologist about doing genetic testing, but when she got the results she didn’t do much with them… until her sister, Shannon, did genetic testing through the Risk Assessment and Prevention Program (RAPP) at the UMC Cancer Center and asked to compare results.

Kasey’s results showed she had the CHECK2 mutation and said she was 32-48% likely to develop breast cancer. This particular mutation also means that Kasey’s body likely wouldn’t fight breast cancer well.

Shannon had the same mutation, so Kasey went with her to her follow-up appointment with the Cancer Prevention Program at the UMC Cancer Center. It’s here the genetics were discussed in depth and three prevention paths were presented: 1. Monitor through yearly mammograms and MRIs, 2. Chemoprevention, 3. Have a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.

Kasey left the appointment knowing she would do whatever it took to be a patient in the prevention program, and she was certain of her prevention choice. She would have a mastectomy. Her risk of cancer coupled with watching her mom go through 21 years of chemo and radiation made it an easy choice. Because of this choice, Kasey has gone from a 48% chance of developing cancer to 1%.

With personalized care and advanced treatment, Texas Tech Physicians and UMC’s Risk Assessment and Prevention Program (RAPP) equipped both Kasey, and her sister, to make their own preventative choices. Kasey chose to be a warrior against cancer, just like her mom.

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