Patient Navigation

The UMC Cancer Center patient navigators assist in coordinating care and navigating your cancer journey.

Navigating your journey

Our patient navigators work with patients and families to help with many different needs, including:

  • Helping with insurance problems
  • Explaining treatment and care options
  • Going with patients to visits
  • Assisting caregivers
  • Managing medical paperwork

Receiving support from a patient navigator can truly make a difference in the way you feel about your care. We are glad to offer you this service to help you through your journey. Speak with your physician or nurse about receiving assistance from a patient navigator.

RN Nurse Navigator

Each of our Centers of Excellence has a Nurse Navigator on staff. Nurse Navigators assist our patients in the often-complex journey of cancer care. The nurse will guide you through your treatment, be available to answer your questions, help you find needed resources, and assist in making informed decisions regarding your care. The Nurse Navigator is your advocate, resource, and your primary contact throughout your cancer treatment. Our navigators are experts in their fields and knowledgeable in the process, treatment, and care of our patients throughout their cancer journey. They work closely with the healthcare team to coordinate your care and facilitate referrals to other services within the cancer center.  

The nurse navigators on our team include: 

  • Women’s Health Navigator who works with all breast and gynecologic cancers
  • Lung Navigator who works with all lung cancers
  • Gastrointestinal Navigator who works with all gastrointestinal cancers

Speak to your physician or nurse about meeting with a social worker.

Social Worker

The Oncology Social Worker serves patients, loved ones and caregivers to manage needs and concerns during cancer treatment. The Oncology Social Worker assists with a wide variety of concerns throughout cancer care. These concerns may range from the practical needs of medical supplies, home health services, transportation, and/or supportive needs of palliative care. Our Oncology Social Worker has a broad knowledge of community, state, and federal resources to aid and support the cancer patient and their loved ones. The Oncology Social Worker ensures you receive quality and comprehensive service.

Financial Navigator

Recognizing that cancer care can be financially burdensome, the Cancer Center has Financial Navigators to advocate for our patients in navigating their financial needs. Our Financial Navigators understand the environment of health care costs and will navigate our patients to available resources and programs.

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