The mentoring program supplements clinical orientation by providing a mechanism to assist the new employee as they adjust and transition from the graduate nurse to the RN role.

For Nurses – Mentoring

Participation in the Mentoring program is required for all GN’s and GVN’s. This program is considered “optional” for the experienced nurse. The newly employed graduate nurse will have the opportunity to select their nursing “mentor” during Nursing Orientation week. Once the mentor “match” has been completed, the Nurse Mentor will meet with the new employee monthly during the first 1 – 7 months of UMC employment.

The Mentor Program provides the new employee or “mentee” the opportunity to:

  • Seek advice and guidance from your mentor regarding professional development
  • Continuous learning
  • Share needs and goals with your mentor
  • Actively listen to mentor and ask questions to clarify understanding
  • Gain knowledge of various UMC programs to assist the new employee with professional development
  • Assist the new employee with integration into UMC culture by means of knowledge and social skills
  • Commit to the goals, values and vision of the organization

Eligibility Requirements to become a Mentor are:

  • Actively practices the Mission, Vision, and Standards of Excellence required of all UMC employees.
  • Must be a UMC employee for a minimum of one year working in a full-time or part-time capacity.
  • No counseling or disciplinary action within the previous 12 months including probation or suspension. No attendance issues.

If you are interested in becoming a future Nurse Mentor please contact Nursing Recruitment at 806.775.8912.

NNN 6 Month Mentor Program

NNN 3 Month Transition Mentor Program

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