UMC Labor and Delivery

At the UMC Family Birth Center, we encourage a mother-led birthing experience. Our physicians, nurses, and support staff are here to support your birthing preferences and ensure a healthy delivery for you and your baby. 

The Labor and Delivery suites in the newly constructed East Tower feature private rooms, foldout sleeper chairs for loved ones, and other amenities to make your delivery and recovery more comfortable. 

Doula Programs

Specially certified doulas give one-on-one support to laboring women by providing non-medical support in the form of physical and emotional care. The continuous support of a doula results in shorter labor, less need for pain medication, and fewer complications. Doulas are available free of charge for anyone giving birth in the UMC Family Birth Center. To schedule a doula, call us at 806.775.8234 by your 26th week of pregnancy. 

Labor Support

You have a variety of options to help you through labor. Natural techniques include focused walking, hydrotherapy, birth balls, squatting bars, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, massage and music. You may also want to try different yoga positions to alleviate discomfort. Epidural and medicinal options are also available. 

Skin-to-Skin Contact

We encourage skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after your baby is born. This involves snuggling your newborn, diapered and covered in a light blanket, against your skin.

Babies who experience skin-to-skin contact are shown to sleep longer, cry less, eat better, gain weight sooner, and come home from the hospital earlier. Anyone can practice skin-to-skin contact, including fathers, siblings, and grandparents.


We’ll provide the breastfeeding support you need to get off to a successful start. You can read more about what we offer, as well as breastfeeding facts and tips, here on our website under Breastfeeding.

Don’t Miss a Thing: Rooming in with Your Newborn

mother with newborn infant asleep next to each other

With rooming in, all care for you and your baby is done in the comfort and convenience of your room. You’ll be there for all of your baby’s first milestones and can begin understanding your newborn’s personality and needs.

Rooming in also promotes successful breastfeeding. You’ll learn your baby’s feeding cues, breastfeed as soon as your baby becomes hungry, and begin establishing a good milk supply. This all helps your body produce the right amount of milk for your newborn. Infants who sleep alongside their mothers startle and cry less, beginning good sleep habits early on. Both babies and their mothers tend to sleep more restfully while rooming in. 

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