Mother-Baby Nursing

How You Can Benefit from Mother-Baby Nursing

Although mothers are the preferred caregivers for their infants, Family-Centered Maternity Care does not expect you to care for your infant alone. Instead, a mother-baby nurse will care for you, your baby, and your family in the comfort and convenience of your room. Mother-baby nursing makes family adjustment more smooth and improves care because communication is simplified. Other benefits include getting your questions about your baby answered faster, gaining more confidence in your baby-care skills, and having a greater peace of mind because your baby is getting the best care possible. After all, your nurse takes care of your baby right before your eyes.

Enjoy Precious Moments Together

Mother-baby nursing grants families time to experience more special moments together, because your baby won’t have to leave your room for nursing care, physician exams, or shift changes.

Receive More Personal Attention

If you choose to breastfeed, mother-baby nursing has additional benefits. Your nurses are aware of how feeding affect your baby and how the infant’s responses and behaviors may affect you. Demand feeding, which is important in establishing your milk supply, is made much easier with mother-baby nursing.

UMC Mother-Baby Features:

  • Baby’s admission exam occurs at the mother’s bedside
  • The same nurse cares for both mother and baby together
  • Nurses spend their time caring for the mother and baby, not moving the baby between the mother’s room and the nursery
  • Each morning, the nurse and mother plan an individual daily schedule
  • The nurse points out infant behaviors while caring for the baby in front of the mother
  • The baby can remain in the mother’s room during visiting hours
  • The nurse is the baby’s primary caregiver, but the mother is encouraged to do as much baby care as she wishes
  • The baby stays in the mother’s room for routine care such as weighing, physical exams, and temperature taking
  • The baby stays in the mother’s room during nursing shift changes

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