March 2022

Enter Our Contest

Answer the questions below (answers are easy if you read the articles) in an email to, and your name will be put into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Good luck! This month’s winner is: Amber Guzman, Neuro ICU Unit Assistant.

  1. How many members donate 30 minutes of their salary per pay period?
  2. What is the Honor Garden?
  3. Since what year has UMC Children’s Hospital had an active transport team?
  4. What does the Lab Certificate program focus on?
  5. What department was awarded the “Best 50”?
  6. Who won APP of the Year for UMCP?

Bonus entry: Recognize an employee by submitting a Manage Up or TRACK Star for them and submit proof in the form of a screenshot or photo.

*To take a screenshot after submitting, press control and print screen at the same time, then right click to paste into your entry email. A photo taken with a cell phone and inserted into an email is acceptable, as well. 

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