GN/GVN Opportunities

UMC Health System offers ample opportunities for you to learn, practice, and become the best nurse possible.

We know that one of the most important things you can do to be the best nurse you can be is to learn and practice your specialty. For this reason, UMC Health System offers ample opportunities for you to learn, practice, and become the best nurse possible.
Below you will see descriptions for clinical units and three internships that are available at UMC.

Medical / Surgical Units

  • 3EAST Post-Surgical Med-Surg
    3 East is a 35 bed Medical Surgical floor with an emphasis on the adult surgical patient. Six patient rooms are dedicated bariatric rooms for our accredited bariatric program!  A majority of the patients are received from the Emergency Center, Trauma & Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Burn Unit, and Post Anesthesia Care Unit.  Nurses provide pre and post-op nursing care for general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, trauma, burn, and bariatric services.  3 East delivers multidisciplinary care on a dynamic, exciting, and fast-paced floor with a team dedicated to providing care for patients as if they were their own family member.    
  • 3WEST Ortho/Trauma Med-Surg
    3 West is a 33 bed Medical Surgical Orthopedic Trauma and Surgical Unit.  We provide quality patient care to a diverse patient population; young adults up to geriatrics, planned joint replacements to trauma, and patients admitted for other medical disease processes. The specialty focus for 3 West is orthopedics trauma and surgery; total joint replacements and fractures.  3 West offers a Joint Mobility Camp for our patients that have undergone joint procedures. 3 West provides a learning conducive comprehensive orientation that uses interdisciplinary collaboration. 
  • 4EAST Oncology Med-Surg
    4 East is a 26 bed Medical Surgical Oncology unit with a separate 6 bed Stem Cell Transplant Unit.  The nurse on 4 East collaborates with other healthcare professionals to provide appropriate, effective and efficient health care based on evidenced based practices.  Nurses serve as an advocate for clients and their significant others to promote, maintain or restore health.  4 East Nurses serve as mentors and role models for colleagues and students and continually engage in ongoing professional development to enhance the profession. ONS Chemotherapy administration and Bone Marrow Transplant courses are available to all nurses who call 4 East home.  Employee satisfaction scores in 2016 were in the 92nd Percentile.
  • 4WEST Renal Med-Surg
    4 West is a 35 bed Medical Surgical unit practicing individualized care of the adult patient.  4 West nurses are experienced in the care of a wide variety of chronic and acute medical conditions and receive special training for the care of renal patients. Nurses collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and a variety of specialists including:  palliative care, cardiology, neurology, urology, oncology, and orthopedics. 4 West is team-oriented and has been successful in providing our patients with superior quality and outstanding customer service.  Our unit is an ideal place for nurses looking to optimize their clinical expertise, time management, and critical thinking skills. 
  • 5EAST – Cardiac ICCU/Step-down
    5 East is a 32 bed Intermediate Critical Care unit that provides nursing care for adult and geriatric patients. The goal of this unit is to provide high quality care to patients no longer requiring critical care, but requiring a higher level of care than can be provided on the medical floors. Serving as an ICU step-down unit allows ICCU staff members to care for patients from all specialties and areas. Caring for high acuity patients requires that teamwork be utilized every day in this fast-paced, high-energy unit. Orientation is individually based and can last between 8-12 weeks depending on the needs of the new team member. 
  • Med-Surg Step-Down ICCU 
    The Med- Surg Step-down ICCU will be a brand new state of the art 30-bed intermediate critical care inpatient unit that prides itself in providing patient centered family care to adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient populations. The mission of this unit will be to provide the utmost quality of care to patients and families along with physician collaboration to those patients that require a higher level of care but do not fit the care needs that an intensive care setting provides. We envision a care model that places focus on nurses delivering exceptional care and emphasizes a Primary Care Nursing model with nurse-to-patient ratios 3:1. An RN on our care team will be encouraged to grow and learn in a supportive team-oriented environment where each individual is satisfied, energized, and productive. Nurses will be dynamic in knowledge and skill as our patient’s service lines will be diverse, and will support the delivery of care model that UMC embodies. Nurses serving in this unit can precipitate caring for patients with these conditions but certainly not limited to the following: acute GI bleed controlled with intervention and hemodynamically stable, DKA, post neurological trauma/intervention, post stroke with and without intervention, patients requiring CPAP, BiPAP, high-flow oxygen, or mechanical ventilation whom are medically stable, continuous intermediate cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring, and patients requiring nursing interventions every 2 hours for <8 hours (pulse ox, neuro checks, complex wound care, glucose monitoring); vital signs hourly for up to 4 hours. A multi-disciplinary approach to nursing care is utilized on the ICCU.  
  • 5 West Outpatient Observation Unit
    5 West is a designated, 34-bed medical unit where adult patients in need of additional monitoring, diagnostic evaluation, and/or treatment may be monitored while a clinical decision is being made whether to admit the patient for hospitalization or discharge the patient home. 5 West is fast-paced with an average length of patient stay less than 24 hours. Our employees possess good time management skills, excellent communication skills, ability to think critically, and a passion for a short-stay fast-paced environment. The nurse will have an essential role in coordinating care with physicians, other team members, patients, and families. The unit is focused on continuously improving processes to improve patient care and patient flow. 5 West is very team orientated and delivers quality nursing care to every patient that seeks our expertise.
    GTU/SCU is a 29 bed Medical/Surgical unit. We have two focuses on GTU and SCU; GTU’s focus is on patients > 60 years who have sustained a trauma and SCU focuses on the relief of suffering that may occur at many points during a disease process. Patients assigned to the Geriatric Trauma Unit are received primarily from the Emergency Center and Trauma & Surgical Intensive Care Unit. The GTU was developed as a result of Best Practice and Research that indicates that a shorter length of stay decreases morbidity and mortality in the elderly hospitalized patient. The SCU provides a quiet, peaceful environment for patients and their loved ones. The nursing staff on SCU are trained to care for patients at the end of life as well as those who will be discharged home or to other facilities.

Neonatal / Pediatric Units

  • NICU
    The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a 41 bed Level III critical care unit. NICU nurses are experienced in caring for premature infants as well as a variety of different acute and chronic diseases processes. The NICU collaborates with interdisciplinary teams and a variety of specialists including: pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric neurology, pediatric urology, pediatric orthopedics and palliative care. The NICU houses the NICU/Pediatric transport team which receives special training. Our transport team transports neonates/infants from a 350 mile radius. The nurses in the NICU thrive on a team work environment and provide the highest quality of care to their patients and families.
  • PICU
    The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is a level 2 trauma center at UMC Children’s Hospital is a 15 bed unit, serving patient’s ages 0-20 suffering life threatening illnesses or injuries. An RN in our PICU will learn and gain experience in a family centered atmosphere where medical and surgical care is provided using a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Combining the talents of more than 30 specialists and subspecialists, children at UMC are treated for a wide range of needs that can include trauma, general surgery, cardiology, neurology and neurological surgery, oncology/hemotology, endocrinology, and burn care.
  • Pedi
    The Pediatric Unit at UMC Children’s Hospital is a 25 bed unit, serving patient’s ages 0-20. A nurse in our Pedi unit will be able to grow and learn in a team-oriented atmosphere where medical and surgical care is provided using a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Combining the talents of more than 30 specialists and subspecialists, children at UMC are treated for a wide range of needs that can include trauma, general surgery, cardiology, neurology and neurological surgery, oncology/ hematology, endocrinology, and burn care. The nurses on Pediatrics possess a desire to serve children and families in our service-oriented atmosphere.

Mother / Baby Units 

  • Family Care Unit (FCU)
    The Family Care Unit is an exciting and unique nursing unit that provides care for women and newborns. Located in the UMC East Tower, the Family Care Unit consists of 44 large, private suites and a Newborn Procedure Area.  The Family Care Unit staff provide mother-baby care for new moms and babies, as well as nursing care for other types of female patients.  These patients consist of stable antepartum (pregnant), gynecology, Gyn-oncology and medical-surgical patients.  Nurses gain knowledge and expertise in postpartum care, neonatal resuscitation, newborn assessment and care, and breastfeeding management/support.  Additionally, the Family Care Unit nurses become knowledgeable and skilled in basic electronic fetal monitoring and nursing management of variety of medical-surgical conditions.  The Family Care Unit is an ideal place for nurses looking to optimize their clinical experience, time management, and critical thinking skills in a team-oriented environment. 
  • Family Birthing Center (FBC)
    The birth of a child is one of life’s most precious moments. With over 250 babies born at University Medical Center every month, the Family Birth Center (Labor and Delivery) has been a part of this experience for thousands of families in the Lubbock area for more than 30 years. The Family Birth Center’s labor and delivery suites offer patients the comfort and advantage of remaining in one room for labor, delivery and recovery. The Family Birth Center consists of 17 LDR suites, 6 Triage Bays, 3 Operating Rooms, and a 4 bed PACU.  Nurses gain knowledge and expertise in antepartum care of high risk obstetrical patients, intrapartum care/labor support, electronic fetal monitoring, neonatal resuscitation, breastfeeding management/support, newborn assessment and care, and OR/PACU nursing. Nurses in the Family Birth Center adhere to the highest safety standards in a family-centered environment that is safe and hi-tech, yet warm and comfortable. 

GN Internships 

(Currently there are no internships available for GVN)

  • Emergency Center Internship
    The Emergency Center is a level 1 trauma center with 64 bed unit. The Internship gives the graduate nurse a unique opportunity to experience a variety of patient situations including care of a trauma, cardiac, stroke, pediatric, and burn patient.  While in the Emergency Center internship, you will orient to all areas of the Emergency Center including the following: General Medical, Super-fast Track, Triage, Critical Care, and Trauma Care. Clinical simulation and classroom instruction is utilized to assist interns with preparing to provide care for patients of all age populations. Each intern is trained on the 5-tier triage system, recognized by the Emergency Nurses Association, in order to categorize patients. Direct patient care experiences will be accomplished with 1:1 guidance with an experienced Emergency Center preceptor for approximately 12 weeks. Feedback sessions are conducted by the EC Nurse Educator allowing the intern to receive guidance throughout clinical orientation.
  • Operating Room Internship
    The Operating Room at University Medical Center has 20 operating rooms. We are currently in a state of the art renovation and will have 22 rooms upon renovation completion. The first hybrid suite at UMC was opened in December 2015 and specializes in endovascular surgery. UMC OR performs around 16,000 cases per year and with 250 employees, the OR is one of the largest departments at UMC. Nursing orientation for the OR is extensive, 6 months depending on previous experience, and produces highly skilled OR nurses. Our nurses are trained in all aspects of the perioperative phase and work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists surgical technologists, and ancillary staff. Extensive orientation includes topics such as: safety precautions in the OR, fundamental principles of aseptic technique, gaining knowledge of location, and generalized care of the OR patient. Direct patient care experiences will be achieved with 1:1 guidance with an experienced OR preceptor for approximately 17 weeks. Feedback sessions are conducted by the OR Nurse Educator allowing the intern to receive guidance throughout clinical orientation.
  • Critical Care Internship
     Clinical rotations during the internship include patient care experiences in Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Burn ICU, Neuro ICU, and Cardiovascular ICU. Direct patient care will be accomplished with one-on-one guidance with an experienced Critical Care preceptor for approximately 13 weeks. After the rotation phase of the internship, you will be given an opportunity to rank which ICU fits your clinical interests. You then will be matched to a home unit based on interests and input from Nursing Directors and Clinical Educators. You will then continue with a more intense and thorough orientation on your home unit. Feedback sessions are conducted by the ICU Nurse Educator(s), allowing the intern to receive guidance throughout clinical orientation.
    • Burn ICU
      The Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center is one of under 70 verified burn centers in the United States.  UMC’s coverage area encompasses a vast expanse of New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, Southern Kansas and all of West Texas making it the third largest geographic area of all regional burn centers in the country. We are in the top 15 busiest burn centers in the nation, caring for not only burns, but also any soft tissue problems including snakebites, necrotizing soft tissue infections, and surgical wounds. Through our affiliation with Texas Tech’s School of Medicine, UMC’s Burn Center also is a leading force in research on burn treatment.  The center has 6 critical care beds and 9 intermediate care beds.  We keep our burn center patients in the unit for their entire hospital stay so we have every level of acuity.  We care for patients of all ages.  Nurses in the Burn Center are also trained to work in the Trauma and Surgical ICU.  
    • Cardiac ICU
      Our Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit has 24 beds and is a team-oriented unit that provides high quality and safe care to a variety of cardiac patients, including: post open heart surgery, post percutaneous coronary intervention, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, and cardiogenic shock. The CV/CICU also cares for patients requiring an intra- aortic balloon pump, continuous renal replacement therapy, ventricular assist device or ECMO. The CV/CICU is a full service critical care monitored unit, which provides an opportunity to maintain and improve skills in the overall assessment and care of the critically ill patient. Our nurses are valuable team members and help develop a culture of inclusion and respect. UMC is a teaching institution, so we value learning and development, giving you ample opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge with continued education. Our unit is fast-paced and you’ll find great people working together with other professional interdisciplinary teams. 
    • Trauma Surgical ICU
      The Trauma and Surgical ICU offers a variety of opportunities for advanced patient care in the region’s only Level I Trauma Center. More than 50% of the patients admitted to the 20 bed unit are multiple trauma patients.  There is a large neurosurgery and general surgery patient population.  The unit is a fast paced unit with many opportunities for learning.  The physician leadership of the unit are trauma/critical care trained surgeons.  The unit has many active committees with bedside nurses making advancements in patient care and work environment.  The environment encourages evidence based practice and research. Nurses working in the Trauma and Surgical ICU are also trained to work in the region’s only Burn Center.  
    • Medical ICU
      Offers the opportunity to explore a wide array of pathophysiology.  The patient population includes patients with multi-system organ failure, respiratory failure, diabetic emergencies, drug overdoses, autoimmune crisis, and many other critically ill patients. The medical ICU consists of 32 beds with an emphasis on teamwork. The usage of evidence based practice is prominent within this unit as they strive to incorporate the most innovative and patient safe environment. AACN healthy work environment initiatives are incorporated as well within this unit to ensure all six standards are met to achieve authentic leadership, skilled and effective communication, true collaboration, effective decision making, appropriate staffing, and meaningful recognition. 
    • Neuro ICU
      The Neuro ICU is a 16 bed critical care inpatient unit providing nursing care for adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients meeting the admission criteria. The goals of the unit are to provide high quality care to critically ill patients admitted to the Neuro ICU and return the injured/critically ill back to a healthy state. These goals are accomplished while also improving healthcare through research and education for patients with immediately life-threatening neurological problems. This is accomplished through a multidisciplinary effort that considers all aspects of a person’s life, including his or her physical, social, spiritual and psychological well-being. A multi-disciplinary approach to nursing care is utilized in the Neuro ICU. The nurse-to-patient ratio is a goal of 1-3 patients per 1 nurse. This can be adjusted by the charge nurse according to patient and staffing needs. This delivery care model dictates that the ideal candidate must be able to coordinate needed patient care with all disciplines.  The ideal candidate must be able to make the education of patients and families a top priority and coordinate the necessary patient care with all members of the multidisciplinary team.

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