February 2021 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

  • Stay in the Fight - Rick's Story

    Stay in the Fight


  • GHX-Best50

    “Best 50”- UMC Purchasing


  • GI Outpatient cover

    New GI and Outpatient Services Campus


  • UMC Employee Banquet cover

    We Honor You, UMC Heroes


  • Cindy Hill Spotlight

    Thank you for 40 Years of Service – Cindy Hill


  • Digital Health Most Wired Survey

    IT Most Wired


  • HRO Zero Hero cover

    Zero Heroes

    Safety/ Quality

Enter our Contest

Answer the questions below (answers are easy if you read the articles) in an email to Kawanna.Mccormick@umchealthsystem.com, and your name will be put into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Good luck! This month’s winner is: Audriene Berlanga, Unit Assistant in Geriatric Trauma and Supportive Care Unit

  1. Being a “Best 50” honoree makes UMC stand out amongst North America’s premier hospitals for our ability to ______.
  2. Who is our 2020 Employee of the Year?
  3. Name the units that operated with Zero HAPI in the Fourth Quarter.

Bonus entry: Recognize one of our employee graduates by submitting a Manage Up for them and submit proof in the form of a screenshot or photo.

*To take a screenshot after submitting, press control and print screen at the same time, then right click to paste into your entry email. A photo taken with a cell phone and inserted into an email is acceptable, as well.


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