July 2022

Spirit of Service
  • Employee of the Month


    Janell Miller, MS, CCC-SLP

    Team Rehab Center - Neuro & Pediatrics

    When Janell’s patient, a former firefighter, couldn’t return to the profession he loved due to a severe injury, Janell went into action. She contacted his fire chief and developed a plan to utilize her patient’s charisma and public relations skills as a firefighter to provide safety awareness and public education for the community. Janell’s thoughtful gesture motivated her patient to find a new purpose, improving his life and the lives of those he’ll educate in the future.

  • Attending of the Month


    Justin Holmes, MD

    UMC Emergency Medicine

    While dealing with a very animated and physically resistant patient, Dr. Holmes demonstrated patience and professionalism by comforting the distressed patient before delivering excellent care. He takes special care of his patients and their families, ensuring they have all their questions answered. He’s more than a doctor; he is a compassionate caregiver that goes above and beyond with patient care.

  • House Staff of the Month


    Caleb Gottlich, MD

    TTUHSC, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Dr. Gottlich recently assisted a child in the ER with a wrist laceration. Despite being very busy with consults, he took extra time to build rapport with the family, putting everyone at ease. Dr. Gottlich repaired the injury and left a lasting impression on the family, serving as an example of UMC’s passionate care and exceptional service.

All Star

Shelby Steinbach, BSN, RN



Rosalinda Martinez, PTA

Cardiac Rehab


Lindsey Nidiffer, BSN, RN-CCRN

Burn ICU


Emily Parker, AEMT, and Logan Fugate, EMT



Scott Mayer, BSN, RN, CCRN



Chris Barbour, BSN, RN

Emergency Center

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