June 2022

Spirit of Service
  • Employee of the Month

    Alyssa Ruiz | Nursing Support Services

    Alyssa Ruiz

    Nursing Support Services

    One evening a baby arrived in critical condition with her distressed family. Due to NICU policy, the family’s other young child was not allowed to enter the treatment area. Alyssa volunteered to stay after her 12-hour shift to watch the child. Alyssa found a television show in the child’s language to try and make the experience a little more comfortable. Alyssa’s service exemplifies that Service is Our Passion!

  • Attending of the Month


    Justin Tidwell, MD

    UMC Emergency Center

    Dr. Tidwell was in the emergency department for a meeting while a patient was brought in from EMS. When the room wasn’t ready, Dr. Tidwell took the initiative to prepare the room, making sure EMS could get the patient situated quickly. Dr. Tidwell lives and breathes the pillars of UMC. His work inspires patients and the people following in his footsteps. He treats everyone with respect and kindness and truly makes a difference in the ER with patients and coworkers. Our team is fortunate to work with him!

  • House Staff of the Month

    Gabriel Neves | TTUHSC

    Gabriel Neves, MD

    TTUHSC, Department of Neurology

    Dr. Neves provided an excellent explanation of my husband’s condition. He explained the  “why” behind his choices and described how best to address my husband’s needs. He has a calm demeanor and a great approach to explaining medical terms and diagnoses in ways that are easy to understand. Dr. Neves even requested that my husband repeat the information back to him to ensure everyone was on the same page, and I found this request helpful. Thank you!

  • Advanced Practice Provider of the Quarter

    Macy McMahan | UMC Gastroenterology

    Macy McMahan, APRN

    UMC Gastroenterology

    Macy is one of the finest in our entire system, bringing kindness and empathy to all of her patient interactions with a broad depth of knowledge. Macy embodies all UMC values in her interactions with providers, staff, and patients. She is compassionate, dedicated, super intelligent, an avid learner, and always goes above and beyond to ensure patients are well cared for.

All Star
Steven Caudillo

Steven Caudillo, Police Officer


Tara Lloyd

Tara Lloyd, BSN, RN

Emergency Center

Jadsia Warden

Jadsia Warden, MS

Cardiac Rehab

TEAM ALL STARS - June 2022

TEAM ALL STARS: Lisa Hill, Barbara Jacson, Mary King, Lucy Tanguma Jody Rogers, Rosie Barr, Desiree Hendricks


Joni Holloway

Joni Holloway, BSN, RN


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