August 2022 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

Deep Dive: Family-Centered Care in Pediatrics

The word swirls in her mother’s head like a storm: “Leukemia.” The walls in the hospital’s room are colorful, filled with bright murals that lift her spirits, but the potential...

A Return to Volunteering at UMC

From the first moment a patient, visitor, or employee steps through the doors at UMC, they’re greeted by a smiling face. Volunteers give directions if needed or supply a mask...

ICUs Working Together Through Trauma

Resiliency and mental health have come to the forefront of administrators’ minds as hospitals and their staffs move into a later stage of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, UMC offers...

Sign the Beam Ceremony at the New UMC Health and Wellness Hospital

An American flag whips behind the steel frame of the future UMC Health & Wellness Hospital, where men in white, brown, and yellow hardhats weld metal to metal, and showers...

Zero Heroes

As most of you know, UMC has a goal of being a High Reliability Organization (HRO). This means, although we operate in high-risk environments, we aim for ZERO preventable harm.

Spirit of Service

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