May 2021 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

  • Happy Nurses Week

    We Love Our Nurses


  • EC Cover Photo

    Brand New Children’s Emergency Center is Now Open


  • Women's Choice Award

    Your Continued Success


  • Healthgrades Award Cover

    Healthgrades 2021 Outstanding Patient Experience Award™


  • NICU nurse cover

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Spotlight


  • Region's Burn Center

    Reverified as the Region’s Burn Center

    Safety/ Quality

  • HRO Zero Hero cover

    Zero Heroes

    Safety/ Quality

Enter our Contest

Answer the questions below (answers are easy if you read the articles) in an email to, and your name will be put into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Good luck! This month’s winner is: Dolores Kotulek, CPhT/Reimbursement Coordinator/Patient Advocate

  1. Who won the 2021 Nurse of the Year award?
  2. How many pedi beds and trauma beds are in the new Children’s Emergency Center?
  3. What did UMC rank out of the 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience by the Women’s Choice Award®?
  4. How long has UMC has been reverified at the regions burn center?

Bonus entry: Recognize one of our employee graduates by submitting a Manage Up for them and submit proof in the form of a screenshot or photo.

*To take a screenshot after submitting, press control and print screen at the same time, then right click to paste into your entry email. A photo taken with a cell phone and inserted into an email is acceptable, as well.


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