May 2022

Spirit of Service
  • Attending of the Month

    Kanak Das

    Kanak Das, MD

    UMC Physicians, Gastroenterology

    Dr. Das recently took on a complicated case late in the day. His attitude was so kind, caring, and professional. He patiently and thoroughly explained the procedure to the nursing staff and to the patient’s family, which greatly calmed them. They were deeply grateful to have him on board to care for their family member. Thank you, Dr. Das!

  • Employee of the Month

    Christina Montanez

    Christina Montanez, BSN, RN

    5 West

    Christina is such a loving and compassionate nurse. A patient was very anxious about discharge and maintaining home care, so Christina took the time to get to know her and ease her anxiety. She brought the patient a new pet bed for her dog and several goodies to make her transition home easier. The patient was so overcome with emotion and gratitude. Thank you, Christina, for always reminding us that service is our passion!

  • House Staff of the Month

    Anas Hamdi

    Anas Hamdi, MD

    TTUHSC Department of Urology

    Dr. Hamdi brings many excellent qualities to the operating room that help make patient care easier and safer. His communication skills are great. When it comes to sharp safety, he does his part by teaching residents and medical students how to be safe. Dr. Hamdi is very kind to staff and helps make a great work environment. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Hamdi!

All Star
Brittney Rosin

Brittney Rosin, BSN, RN

5 West

Melissa Barrett

Melissa Barrett, Radiation Therapist

Cancer Center

Phillip Turner

Phillip Turner, Paramedic


Sondra Clayton and Antrionette Lewis

Sondra Clayton, RN and Antrionette Lewis, CHW

Care Coordination

Caitlin Welch

Caitlin Welch, RN

3 West

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