September 2022 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

Deep Dive: The Differences We Make

Consider the differences we make. Remember why we do what we do and the goodness we foster in this world.

Educating Medical Educators

  Educating Medical Educators West Texas is a community of communities spread over hundreds of miles of flat land that seems to create a value system of mutual obligation. Charity,...

Passion 360 Brings Giving Full Circle

UMC’s employees give selflessly every day. They dedicate their time in the service of their patients. They calm distressed families. They find ways to volunteer for Passion in Action campaigns,...

Canines for Caregivers, a UMC Internal Adoption Event

  Canines for Caregivers, a UMC Internal Adoption Event Twenty minutes west of Lubbock, and three miles down a dirt road named Nightingale, sits Morris Safe House. 81-year-old Sallie Morris,...

UMC Marketing Wins BIG at the Healthcare Advertising Awards

UMC Marketing was recently recognized in the 39th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. This year the Healthcare Advertising Awards panel received 4,400 entries, making the awards the largest healthcare advertising awards competition and one...

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