April 2021 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

Thank You, UMC Heroes, for A Year of Battle

We have officially dedicated a year of hard work to battle this pandemic, which called for an appreciation day!


This past year has been tough on our hospital staff and patients. Despite it all, UMC Heroes have remained diligent in caring—you haven’t forgotten your why.

Advanced Illness Nurses Spotlight

UMC is proud of our advanced illness nurses, who work hard to alleviate the hardships for patients who suffer from a serious illness such as cancer, heart failure, and liver disease. These nurses collaborate with physicians and nurses in the emergency center and in the hospital to make the advanced care planning process as smooth as possible.

UMC Taking A Stand Against Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and UMC is playing a part in taking a stand. In Lubbock County, an average of 3 children per day become confirmed victims of abuse and neglect. On April 1, UMC Children’s Hospital hosted “Pinwheels for Prevention” to raise awareness for child abuse and neglect.

UMC Thirty Minute Club: Empowering Employees

UMC’s Thirty Minute Club (TMC) helps us all live out Service is our Passion. TMC is made up of employees from across the health system joining together to donate 30 minutes of pay each pay period to encourage and empower fellow employees and the patients we serve.

ADDY’s at the Drive-In

We are so proud of the UMC Marketing team for promoting our health system and putting us on the map! Their dedication to representing our hospital helps us meet crucial goals, such as: fulfilling our mission: Service is our Passion, increasing our market share, providing information to help our community, and much more!

Meet UMC Hospitalist Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Providers, or APPs, are medical providers, such as Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants, who are trained and educated similarly to physicians. We’ve reserved some space right here to spotlight these special people in our health system quarterly!

Enter our Contest

Answer the questions below (answers are easy if you read the articles) in an email to Kawanna.Mccormick@umchealthsystem.com, and your name will be put into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Good luck! This month’s winner is: Dolores Kotulek, CPhT/Reimbursement Coordinator/Patient Advocate

  1. What is MICU’s why?
  2. Who are the nurses that make up our Advanced Illness Nurses team?
  3. In Lubbock County, how many children per day become confirmed victims of abuse and neglect?
  4. Who do you contact if you want to be a member of the Thirty Minute Club?
  5. Name one of the Gold ADDY Awards UMC marketing won.

Bonus entry: Recognize one of our employee graduates by submitting a Manage Up for them and submit proof in the form of a screenshot or photo.

*To take a screenshot after submitting, press control and print screen at the same time, then right click to paste into your entry email. A photo taken with a cell phone and inserted into an email is acceptable, as well.


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