December 2021 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

UMC Retains Talent

Dear TeamUMC, Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for healing, serving and leading our community throughout 2020. Your passion, amid constant challenges, is evident to all. In the words of one of our young patients: y’all have inspired me to help people in life.

An Organization Celebration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we are so excited we were able to bring our annual Christmas reception back. You deserve to be celebrated each and every day for your hard work and dedication to our organization and our community.

Case Managers Spotlight

UMC Case Managers play multiple roles in our health system, the main role being to connect clinical care to the financial components involved in care. They do this by dissecting patients' charts and consolidating the information in a way for insurance companies to review and reimburse UMC for the treatment received. Our Case Managers are also registered nurses, so they get to connect with patients and discuss their care with them. They also are fully responsible for the discharge process of certain demographic patients, as well.

Employee Graduates

Congratulations Fall Grads!!!

UMC Urgent Care — A Department of UMC Hospital Provider Spotlight

UMC opened its new 24-hour urgent care center back in September, and we are proud to have an amazing care team that rose to meet the challenge of caring for patients with urgent needs 24/7. Each and every one of these care providers is passionate about getting our community healthy and keeping them that way, and it shows!

UMC Clinic Spotlight: UMC Urgent Care at KingsPark

UMC Urgent Care at KingsPark has been serving patients since July of 1997. Starting out with a total of 3 exam rooms, the clinic has now expanded to 19 exam rooms providing adult and pediatric care. The clinic has ten providers and 29 staff members all willing to work hard to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Zero Heroes

As most of you know, UMC has a goal of being a High Reliability Organization (HRO). This means, although we operate in high-risk environments, we aim for ZERO preventable harm. We are so proud to have multiple units making huge strides in achieving HRO!

Spirit of Service


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