June 2021 - Progress Notes

UMC & UMCP's Employee Newsletter

  • Nurse of the Year Morgan Gamble

    2021 Nurse of the Year


  • 18 Consecutive Years Food and Nutrition

    Perfect Score for 18 Consecutive Years


  • CMA Frenship

    Certified Medical Assistant Program at Frenship


  • It’s a Mask-uerade

    It’s a Mask-uerade


  • ACS Transportation Grant cover

    UMC Receives the American Cancer Society Transportation Grant


  • Emergency Center Advanced Practice Providers Spotlight cover

    Emergency Center Advanced Practice Providers Spotlight





Enter our Contest

Answer the questions below (answers are easy if you read the articles) in an email to Kawanna.Mccormick@umchealthsystem.com, and your name will be put into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Good luck! This month’s winner is: DeLana Byrd, Radiology Technician, Mammography

  1. How many consecutive years has the Food and Nutrition Department had a perfect inspection?
  2. Where will the CMA course be held in the second semester?
  3. How many years has UMC hosted an appreciation dinner for Brown Elementary School?
  4. What is purpose of the American Cancer Society Transportation Grant?
  5. How many EC Advanced Practice Providers are there?

Bonus entry: Recognize one of our employee graduates by submitting a Manage Up for them and submit proof in the form of a screenshot or photo.

*To take a screenshot after submitting, press control and print screen at the same time, then right click to paste into your entry email. A photo taken with a cell phone and inserted into an email is acceptable, as well.


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